An original composition directed by NiiBox and performed by Macalester College African Music Ensemble featuring soloing by NiiBox and Nate Cook.

Gahu Jama

An original work arranged and directed by Niibox and performed by the Macalester College African Music Ensemble

Joe Davis & The Poetic Diaspora Live

Paying homage to artists of the Harlem Renaissance, from Billie Holiday to Langston Hughes and all of the greats who sacrificed so much for us. Joe Davis and the Poetic Diaspora shows appreciation to the ones who have paved the way as we create a new avenue of virtue for the next generations of artists that come after us.

Joe Davis & The Poetic Diaspora - Ancestral Origins

The New Renaissance Presents: Ancestral Origins is an afrofuturist exploration of joy and beauty written, directed, and produced by interdisciplinary artist Joe Davis. Originally inspired as a ‘choreopoem', a word coined by late playwright Ntozoke Shange, it’s “a vibrant interplay between movement and language.”


Ancestral Origins is an immersive theater production like you've never experienced before. Following the smash success of Ancestral Echoes, poet and playwright Joe Davis invites us into an afrofuturistic adventure featuring over 20 local, interdisciplinary artists weaving together choreography, live band music, singing, and poetic storytelling.

Traiveon & Candi Live @ Amsterdam

Traiveon adapted this Thirdstory cover of Drake's Hotline Bling for Candi. The beautiful vocal harmonies are balanced by the musicianship of Candi's instrumentalists.

Wild Tymes Wednesday Night Open Mic Silent Commecial

Ryan Cahill created this stunning visual representation of the artistic diverstity we cherished at Wild Tymes during our weekly open mic.


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NiiBox Layin' Down The Bass

Pink Panther

Traiveon And Candi


Traiveon And Candi

NiiBox On Vocals


Manifesters featured on Big Jess Presents: Honorable Mention Volume 4

Black Hands

Toki Wright (Mamadu) featuring Joe Adams, Dre Highway & NiiBox

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